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Oh goodness, where do I even start with this gorgeous event? Last Saturday, I showed up at the Indianapolis Yacht Club to photograph Tyler and Amber’s outdoor wedding ceremony on a perfectly warm fall day. The girls spent the first part of the day sipping mimosas and listening to music while getting their hair styled, and the guys relaxed downstairs drinking cold beers and playing foosball.

Once they were both dressed and ready, the bride and groom had a first look in the outdoor ceremony space where they would become husband and wife just a few hours later. I love, love, love the look on Tyler’s face when he turns around and sees his stunning bride for the very first time! Once they had a few moments to themselves, we made our way around the IYC grounds for some bridal portraits. How drop-dead gorgeous are these two together?! I’m pretty sure Amber has never taken a bad photograph in her life and Tyler is just as handsome as he could be! They are a wedding photographer’s dream come true and I had so much fun photographing them together! Soon, however, it was time to wrap up bridal portraits so that the arriving guests could take their seats.

Amber’s father escorted her down the grassy aisle and graciously gave away his only daughter so that she could marry the love of her life. The ceremony was heartfelt and sweet. The bride and groom stated their vows, exchanged rings and took part in a sand ceremony symbolizing that their lives were forever intertwined. They sealed their love with a kiss and made their way back down the aisle as friends and family cheered them on.

After the ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy cocktail hour and snacks as the bridal party lined up to be announced. Mr and Mrs Petrisin celebrated their way into the reception and immediately made their way to the center of the dance floor where they quickly cut their cake and fed each other a piece. The father of the bride gave a warm welcome, followed by a prayer over dinner and then toasts from the best man and maid of honor. Once the plates were cleared, Tyler and Amber had their first official dance as husband and wife to the tune of “Grave” by Thomas Rhett. Shortly afterwards, the DJ invited all married couples to join the bride and groom for an anniversary dance. Much to everyone’s surprise, there was quite the competition for who had been married the longest! If I remember correctly, there were at least 4 couples who had been married over 50 years! Wow – such an awesome thing to witness! Once the formal reception events were over, the dancing and mingling continued on throughout the evening. And to wrap everything up, Tyler and Amber made their grand exit down a path of sparklers. A picturesque ending to a wonderful wedding day!

To the newlyweds, let me say congratulations to you both! Thank you so much for asking me to capture your perfect day. I wish you both all the happiness in the world as your start this new chapter of your lives together!

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