Tyler + Adriane | Wedding at Hillcrest Country Club, Indianapolis

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Last January, these two love birds braved the frigid below-zero weather for their engagement session, so I can safely say that no two people deserve an absolutely perfect summer wedding day more than Tyler and Adriane! Their day began at Meridian Street United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. After the bride and groom exchanged gifts and cards, they had a first look in the middle of the gorgeous window-lit sanctuary. Following the first look, we immediately took advantage of the beautiful indoor location, which resulted in some stunning bridal portraits. Do these two look absolutely perfect together or what?!

Soon after portraits, it was time for the bride and groom to be tucked away as guests began to file into the pews. Once all the guests were seated, the mothers were escorted down the aisle and stood next to each other as each one lit a candle for their soon to be married son and daughter. Adriane made her grand entrance through the large white doors in the back of the sanctuary and after she reached the alter, her father officially gave her hand to Tyler. Their ceremony was simple and lovely. A few readings given by close friends, songs of praise sung by all and the lighting of their unity candle while Adriane’s father played a song on his guitar. After they exchanged vows and rings, Tyler and Adriane had their first official kiss as husband and wife! They quickly made their way down the aisle and waited as guests lined up for their beautiful, bubble filled exit from the church.

Once the flurry of bubbles had disappeared, friends and family made their way to the Hillcrest Country Club for hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hour out on the patio. While guests were mingling at the reception, we took full advantage of the beautiful golf course with more bridal party portraits out on the greens. Soon it was time for the newlyweds to make their big entrance into their gorgeous reception room, which had been beautifully coordinated with warm candlelight, eucalyptus greenery and light peach colored accents throughout the tables. After the two were announced into the party, the father of the bride gave a heartfelt welcome and a blessing over dinner. As guests were finishing their meals, the best man toasted the couple, as did the maid and matron of honor. Afterwards, Tyler joined his bride on the dance floor for their very first slow dance as husband and wife. Their song of choice was “Stand By Me” as sung by Ben E. King. This was immediately followed by a dance with Adriane and her father, and then Tyler and his mother.

Once the formal dances were complete, DJ Jim Cerone opened up the dance floor to the rest of the party goers. Family and friends wasted no time getting themselves out there and having a good time! The amazing coordinators from Ooh La La Events threw out Mardi Gras necklaces and inflatable drink koozies to add to the fun. And one of the main highlights of the evening was the Sigma Chi sweetheart song where Tyler and his Sigma Chi brothers got down on bended knee and serenaded the beautiful bride on the dance floor. The festivities continued well into the evening with tons of mingling and dancing, wrapping things up with a big group photo of all the Purdue alumni who were in attendance. A perfect ending to a perfect wedding day!

Tyler and Adriane, I absolutely cannot thank you enough for asking me to capture such an incredible day! I had so much fun working with you both and I am so excited for you guys to start this new chapter of your life together. Congratulations once again!

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