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Oh my goodness, I have been looking forward to Dell’s llama themed bat mitzvah for months and now I finally get to post highlights from her spectacular event! The day began with family photos on the steps of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, followed by portraits of Dell inside the sanctuary reading from the Torah. We then moved into the Rabbi’s office to sign some paperwork and go over a few last minute details before the big bat mitzvah service later that morning. It is so great to see a young person work so hard to make such an incredible public declaration of their faith!

Later that evening, I met up again with the Cromer family at Middletown Meadows in Noblesville for the most amazing llama themed party you’ve ever seen! The quaint little barn was decked out in rustic wood touches, burlap accents and hydrangea centerpieces. Dellarose actually owns her own llama, who attended the party along with several of his fellow llama friends. Guests were able to feed, pet and lead the llamas through an obstacle course that was set up just for the event. And, of course, there was the llama kissing booth where plenty of furry smooches were exchanged.

Once the sun had set, everyone gathered together for dancing and mingling on the grassy dance floor underneath the beautiful trees filled with strings of lights. Dell got her turn in the hotseat as she was hoisted into the air for the traditional hora dance. The celebration continued well into the evening as the adults relaxed on hay bales while the younger crowd burned through their energy on the dance floor. As the party came to a close, party-goers left with custom made thank-you bags filled with a variety of goodies for both boys and girls to enjoy. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

To the Cromer family, I can’t thank you enough for asking me to be a part of such an incredible event! Congratulations Dellarose on your very special bat mitzvah!

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