Indianapolis Winter Engagement Session | Tyler + Adriane

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I would like to introduce you to Tyler and Adriane. They are the bravest and most amazing couple EVER. These two decided to throw caution to the wind (quite literally, it was seriously windy!) and venture out into single digit temperatures for their downtown Indianapolis winter engagement session! We arrived at White River State Park in the afternoon, armed with blankets, coats and hand warmers to prevent our fingers from breaking off in the cold. Lucky for us, the sun was out, which kinda helped take the sting out of the winter air, but lets face it, once the temperature drops to 11 degrees, its gonna be freezing no matter what. Despite the bitter cold, Tyler and Adriane willingly ditched their coats and snuggled up for some adorable shots against a snowy city backdrop. And their sacrifice of warmth totally paid off. You would never know how cold it was just by looking at them, which is why they are total rockstars. As we were nearing the end of our shoot, Tyler said, “Even though its really cold, at least I got to be in the cold with the one I love.” Aww! How perfect is that?!

Adriane and Tyler, I can’t thank you enough for braving the winter and letting me photograph your love in the freezing cold. I absolutely cannot wait for your gorgeous summer wedding in July!


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