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It seems like only yesterday that I was photographing Brennan’s bar mitzvah, but now two years have gone by and last week it was Lauren’s turn to read from the Torah! Though she was a little nervous to stand before her family and friends, she did an amazing job at her bat mitzvah service. Later that evening, everyone gathered together again to continue celebrating at The Woodland Country Club in Carmel. The party room was decked out in Lauren’s signature colors, mint green and grey. There was a cocktail hour for the adults, Shirley Temple’s for the younger crowd and a custom made selfie station for everyone to enjoy. After everyone had settled into their seats, guests enjoyed a slideshow of highlights and accomplishments from Lauren’s life and a heartfelt welcome speech from Lauren’s father, Michael. Once the dinner plates were cleared, DJ Tim Fuller got the party started on the dance floor, which eventually lead to my favorite part of any mitzvah, the Hora! As the dancing and celebrating continued throughout the evening, guests eventually made their way downstairs to enjoy a stop at Lauren’s “candy shop” for some sweet treats and a custom made t-shirt. To the Chopp family, I am completely honored and thrilled that you asked me to capture yet another amazing day for you! And congratulations Lauren on your very special accomplishment!

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