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I am so honored to have photographed another Greenfield bar mitzvah! It seems like only yesterday that I was shooting Joel’s bar mitzvah, but now, here we are two years later, and it was Sam’s turn to read from the Torah. After he did an amazing job leading a sanctuary full of friends and family through his bar mitzvah service, everyone gathered together for a celebratory luncheon. There was a beautiful lunch buffet prepared by Mary Beth Poe Catering and a paint your own ceramics station provided by Pottery By You. As guests enjoyed their meal, Sam sat in with four members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and serenaded the entire room with his outstanding violin skills!

Later that evening, Sam and his loved ones gathered together at Woodland Bowl in the “Beer Thirty” private party room to continue celebrating! Before dinner was served, there was a havdalah service, which marks the traditional end of the Sabbath by lighting a special candle with multiple wicks, praying a blessing over a cup of wine and the smelling of various spices. The service was lead by Sam’s aunt while his uncle and younger brother Abe played guitar and lead everyone in songs of blessings and worship. Once dinner had been served, it was time to party! Friends and family spent the remainder of the evening mingling together as they enjoyed cosmic bowling, lazer tag and a photo booth with crazy props. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day filled with love and celebration!

To the Greenfield family, I can’t thank you enough for asking me to be a part of another incredible day! And to Sam, congratulations once again on your very special accomplishment. Your hard work and dedication to your faith has made your family very proud of you!

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