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I am SO excited to be posting Ilana’s blacklight-glow-in-the-dark bat mitzvah on the blog today! The celebration began last Friday afternoon on an absolutely perfect spring day. I met up with the Felix family at Congregation Beth-El Zedeck to snag a few shots of Ilana while she read from the Torah in preparation for her bat mitzvah service the following day. You only need to spend about 10 seconds with Ilana to see why she is so amazing. If this girl has one thing, its personality. She’s fun, outgoing, energetic and incredibly sweet. And wowza, she’s got some serious dance moves!

On Saturday night, friends and family gathered together at the Renaissance to continue the celebration. The entire ballroom was decked out for this epic party – black lights, glow sticks, neon signs, illuminated centerpieces. Even Ilana herself was glowing with her custom light-up sneakers. It was awesome! While the adults enjoyed cocktail hour, the younger crowd got the party started with DJ Tim Fuller until it was time for dinner. After everyone was finished with their meal, guests enjoyed a custom made slideshow of Ilana’s life and accomplishments. Next up was the horah (my personal favorite). Ilana called up a special group of friends and family members to form a customized inner circle to dance around her while four strong men hoisted her up in the air! Afterwards, the black lights came back on and the glowing dance party was lead by Ilana and her dad who put together the best choreographed father/daughter dance I have ever seen. It was an absolutely fantastic party and I’m so glad I could be a party of it! To the Felix family, thank you so much for asking me to capture such a wonderful event, and congratulations Ilana on your very special accomplishment!

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