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Oh my goodness, where do I begin?! Last Saturday, I had the distinct privilege of capturing Sydney’s beautiful spring bat mitzvah at the Goldman Union Camp Institute, or GUCI, in Zionsville, Indiana. Although the rain and abnormally chilly weather forced the ceremony to move indoors, Sydney did not let it get her down. Her bat mitzvah service was the first one I’ve ever been permitted to photograph, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but I was completely blown away. She did such an amazing job! I cannot imagine how much hard work and dedication she put into becoming a bat mitzvah. And perhaps my favorite part was a very heartwarming and tearful speech given to Sydney by her father at the end of the service. Such a sweet moment!

Later that night, family and friends came together once again to continue celebrating Sydney’s big day! The party theme was “Around the World”. Guests picked up their custom made “Epstein Air” plane ticket which guided them to their designated table. Each table was decked out in memorabilia and photographs of Sydney in all the amazing place’s she has been around the world. China, New York, Mumbai – the girl has been everywhere! Once cocktail hour was over, the buffet of “around the world” foods was opened up to the younger guests. Italian pasta, quesadillas and fried rice were among the standouts in the wide array of cultural foods. After the plates were cleared, DJ Indiana Jones got the dance party started with Sydney and her friends up on stage. When “Hava Nagila” began to play, four strapping men rushed onto the dance floor and scooped up Sydney in a golden plastic chair while the rest of the guests joined hands and danced around her. A slideshow of Sydney’s young life provided time for everyone to grab some delicious doughnuts, cake pops and cookies from the dessert bar. Afterwards, DJ Indiana Jones started the party back up again as guests continued to dance the night away!

To the Epstein family, I can’t thank you enough for asking me to be a part of such an incredible event! And congratulations Sydney on your very special accomplishment!

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