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I am so excited to be sharing highlights from Yael’s camp themed bat mitzvah! I had the pleasure of photographing Yael’s cousin Sydney’s bat mitzvah a couple years ago, so I felt extremely honored to be working with the Epstein family once again.

And what an amazing event this was! We shot Torah and family photos in the sanctuary at Shaarey Tefilla on Friday evening, but the real fun happened on Saturday. I arrived at the Goldman Union Camp to photograph all the incredible party details before guests entered the room. The theme was “Camp Yael” and it was awesome! Pine trees, woodland themed napkins, and even camp counselor bar tenders. Adults enjoyed a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres set to a “Yacht rock” soundtrack compliments of Tim Fuller Entertainment, while the younger crowed roasted marshmallows outside around the fire pits.

Soon it was time for Yael to be officially announced into her party where friends and family immediately hoisted her up into the air for the Hora. Once the excitement settled down a bit, there was a welcome and havdalah blessing to bring Shabbat to an end. The remainder of the evening was spent enjoying the dinner buffet, dancing music and relaxed fellowship around the fire pits. It was a perfectly wonderful party!

To the Epstein family, let me say how honored I am to have been a part of Yael’s big day. Thank you for asking me to capture such an important event!

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