Cianna + Chase | Engagement Session at Fort Harrison State Park

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Oh how I love me some Indiana summer nights. (That is, when it isn’t 95 degrees outside, right?!) Luckily, Chase and Cianna got the perfect evening for their engagement session! I met up with these two lovebirds last week at Fort Harrison State Park just before the golden hour. I ask, there anything better than getting to photograph an adorable couple in dreamy sunset light?! Not in my book!

Cianna and Chase, congratulations on your engagement! I loved getting a chance to hang out with you both at our session and I am SO excited to photograph your wedding this September!

EngagementSessionatFortHarrisonStatePark 1
EngagementSessionatFortHarrisonStatePark 2
EngagementSessionatFortHarrisonStatePark 3

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