Brandon + Lizzy | Wedding at Jonathan Byrd’s, Greenwood

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I am SO excited to be posting highlights from Brandon and Lizzy’s gorgeous Greenwood wedding! When I first got a chance to really work with these two during their engagement session earlier this summer, I completely fell in love with them as a couple (is that weird?). They have that kind of “best friend” love for each other that is SO much fun to photograph. So, I knew their wedding day was going to be amazing and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Their day started off a little stormy, but cleared up just in time for their guests to arrive at Our Lady of Greenwood for their traditional and beautiful ceremony. After the vows and a perfect first kiss, Lizzy and Brandon made their way down an aisle of bubbles as they excited the church. Shortly afterwards, the whole bridal party hit the road for photos at the nearby City Center Park and then set off to Jonathan Byrd’s for an elegant reception. I absolutely LOVE their details – a little hint of fall, but still very elegant and formal, nothing over the top. Just after dinner was served, Lizzy and Brandon had what I would call the most surprising and crazy cake cutting that I have ever witnessed. One second they were gracefully cutting their first piece of wedding cake and the next thing you know, Lizzy gets a cake plate to the face! But don’t worry, she was a good sport and immediately retaliated (with love, of course) with a lot of icing. After the two were finished smashing cake in each other’s faces, they took their first slow dance as husband and wife to the tune of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran (aww, its a good one). Guests wasted no time getting the real party started with a hoppin’ dollar dance followed by several hours of open dancing on a packed dance floor to finish out the night. Lizzy and Brandon, I had such an incredible time working with you guys! Thank you for allowing me to be such a huge part of your gorgeous wedding. Congratulations once again, Mr. and Mrs. Bolton!


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