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Last Saturday, I joined Sam and his family for a racing themed Bar Mitzvah. In the morning, we met for family photos in the beautiful stained glass sanctuary at Beth-El Zedeck, and later that night was Sam’s amazing party at K1 Speed in Fishers. The whole track was reserved for Sam and his guests, which means racing was the main event for the evening. Personalized party details were everywhere – custom t-shirts, a well stocked candy bar, and checkered racing kicks for Sam and his immediate family. There were even cookies designed to look exactly like Sam – how awesome is that?! Tim Fuller Entertainment provided a great party soundtrack for all the non-racers who were enjoying complimentary billiards, air hockey and arcade games. After a while, it was time to take a break from racing to celebrate Sam by dancing the hora. Several strong men hoisted Sam into the air while all his friends and family joined hands and danced around him! Afterwards, everyone grabbed their custom long sleeved t-shirt and gathered together for a giant group photo. Lastly, all the guests gathered around to watch a slideshow of Sam’s life and milestones. The evening ended with lots of mingling, more arcade games and racing until the track closed. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful celebration.

To Bashir, Rori, Bella and especially Sam, let me say what a pleasure it was to work with all of you! Thank you so much for asking me to capture such a special day!

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