The Alexander Hotel Engagement Session | Erin + Tyler

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The Alexander Hotel – hands down one of my favorite indoor locations around Indy! So when Erin and Tyler asked if we could shoot their engagement session in the swanky hotel lobby, I was stoked. We began our session with a little warmup cocktail (is there any better way to start a shoot? I think not) at Plat 99 and then moved around to various hot spots around the hotel. One of the wedding coordinators allowed us to have access to a private balcony where we had the evening Indy skyline as our backdrop – how awesome is that?! Tyler and Erin, thank you so much for spending your afternoon with me, snuggled up in front of the camera! You two are so adorable – it makes my job so easy! Congratulations, once again, on your engagement. I absolutely cannot wait for your wedding next May!

AlexanderHotelEngagementSession 1
AlexanderHotelEngagementSession 2
AlexanderHotelEngagementSession 3

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